Springer and Lee Optical offers all the accessories you may need such as eyewear cases, eyeglass chains and cleaning products to make wearing and caring for your glasses as easy as possible.

Ready-Made Readers:

Practical and fashionable with our wide selection of colors, frames, styles and powers. Please come in to see our selection.

Lens Cleaner:

Tough enough to clean the dirtiest grime, our lens cleaner solution is safe for all lens coatings and won’t streak.

Cleaning Cloths:

Easy to use over and over, cleaning clothes are safe and convenient with or without cleaning solution. They come in a variety of colors, solids and prints and won’t leave a lint residue.

Eyeglass Cases:

Besides being the ultimate accessory for your glasses, our eyeglass cases come in a variety of shapes, colors and fabrics, to match your glasses unique style. All the while protecting against dirt, scratching and breakage.


Cords are practical and stylish too. Our cords come in a variety of styles including cotton, leather and metal. We also carry styles designed for all your sporting needs.


Fashion chains hold you eyeglasses around your neck when not being used. Ours are locally made, so the are literally one of a kind.

We have many more unique eyewear accessories at our 2 convenient locations. Please drop in for a visit.